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Short Story: The Maiden Voyage of the Pink Plastic Ponies

The Maiden Voyage of the Pink Plastic Ponies, a humorous 1430-word science fiction misadventure, is now available for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords:

Cover - Maiden Voyage Ponies - 200 x 300Wrangling twin preschoolers is no mean feat.  Especially to Mars. Especially when bringing their favorite toy violates quarantine…

Drake Derringer thinks he knows how to handle his preschooler twin girls until he has to figure out how to tell the family that he’s been relocated… to Mars. But they ain’t even gettin’ into Low Earth Orbit if his beloved girls can’t bring their beloved pink plastic ponies along. 

A silly tale of science fiction… with toddlers.


“The Maiden Voyage of the Pink Plastic Ponies” Copyright © 2011 Alistair Ainscott, Published by Rapid-Dynamix Publishing

Cover illustration © Therealdarla | Dreamstime.com


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