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You can find my novels, collections, and short stories on all the major e-book platforms:

Or just search for ‘ainscott’ in the outlet of your choice and all my titles should come up. That’s the advantage of having a somewhat uncommon last name, as I do, in this age of engines powered by search.

I also have posts about the stories I have available for sale, with all the cover art, blurbs, and the background on the writing of each story.

Thank you for your interest in my writing.


Novels, Short Novels, and Story Collections

The Flies Dropped Dead 

A Short Novel

A mysterious death, a constellation of dead flies.

Can Jonahan Canny find redemption at the bottom of a multiplying black abyss of science gone wrong?

Jonathan Canny is a workaday morgue staffer who thinks he’s seen it all until he discovers dead flies scattered around the body of a gorgeous woman.

Canny turns to Lila, his ex-girlfriend, to seek some answers, but what they uncover engulfs the entire morgue in a creeping webwork of darkness, culminating in one man’s desperate struggle for redemption– even if is far too late for his beloved Lila. 

A novel of mystery and dark science fiction by Alistair Ainscott.

Five Strange Obsessions

Five offbeat speculative tales of strange obsession.

Professionally published writer Alistair Ainscott presents five offbeat speculative tales:  “The Thriller Writer’s Workshop,” “Tailor Maidens,” “Occupy Stinking America,” “Assailing the Void,” and “Trinity of the Sands.”

From hotshots with something to prove, a romance of bad breath and extreme plastic surgery, to one man’s burden to atone for nuclear holocaust, it doesn’t get much stranger.


Cover - Crimes Against Literature 200 x 300 Five Crimes against Literature

Five preposterous tales of far-ranging absurdity.

Professionally published writer Alistair Ainscott unleashes a vile compendium of five literary transgressions, a special room in hell for the serious-minded: “The Ferro-Erotic Roaches of Kiki,” “Occupy Stinking America,” “Maiden Voyage of the Pink Plastic Ponies,” “Captain Disaster and the Twin Terrors of Unholy Matrimony,” and “Why Oranges Are Apples”, plus an excerpt from “The Flies Dropped Dead.”

From aliens with bizarre sensory perceptions, a boy-with-bad-breath meets supermodel-girl story of wayward romance, a superhero who drives a rusted-out International Harvester Scout and saves a solo Dad from the clutches of his own twin toddlers, or a play with a swarm of eccentric characters– an inept vampire, the Pissy Flippin’ Bastards, the Harbingers of Doom, Death, Destruction and Other Nasty Things– well, what ends up on the page ranges from preposterous hilarity to full-blown crimes against literature.



Short Stories

Trinity of the Sands CoverThe Trinity of the Sands 

One man atones for nuclear holocaust.

Los Alamos, 1945. Mort Whitman helps build “the gadget” that will end the war and immolate untold thousands of men– if it works.

As the minds of men mushroom in a dark dream of war, he seeks solace in the white sands of the Jornada del Muerto.

But what he discovers there teaches him how justice really works in the New Mexico badlands– as well as how one man can atone for a nuclear holocaust.

Thriller Writer's Workshop CoverThe Thriller Writer’s Workshop 

How far will a man go to prove he belongs?

Hotshot faculty member and amateur writer Martin Sanderson attends a Thriller Writer’s Workshop at the ragged edge of the world on the Oregon Coast and finds that he’s in way, way over his head. But Sanderson has a thriller of his own to write and intends to show these so-called professionals just why he belongs right there in that chair with the rest of them.

Captain Disaster and the Twin Terrors of Unholy Matrimony 

One dad, twin preschoolers, and a three-thousand mile trip.

What could go wrong?

Bernard Keyes travels cross-country with his identical twin girls so they can be flower girls in his brother’s wedding. But that last mile of winding country roads just might be the hardest part of his journey… other than the ceremony itself. An inkling of trouble cracks in Captain Disaster’s arthritic knuckles, but can he push his sputtering, rusted-out old truck fast enough to save the day?

Occupy Stinking America 

In the future, love stinks– and so do you.

Walter Peabody has a problem. But is the problem with him, or his entire stinking nation? As they pare away all that is unnecessary in their lives, Walter and Gwendolyn– and everyone else in this great land our ours– just might find out. For without his stench, Walter would have nothing: not his supermodel wife,  not his mega-yacht, and definitely not enough of a fortune to fuel a small army.

Tailor Maidens 

If a man becomes his own brand, will he like what he sees?

Pablo Mistry envisions the latest advance in electronic textiles out of Silicon Valley when he beholds a sleek high-tech T-shirt at an airport boutique. But he soon discovers that the ultimate personalized user experience has turned him into his own, rather dubious brand– and that this tailor-made digitgal monstrosity will bring him no end of grief– unless he can get the damned thing off.

Assailing the Void 

What lies beyond the labyrinthine confines of the city?

Georg Ventman knows only the dim, cramped world within the megacity of a dark future. He needs to stretch. He needs to break free. He needs to assail the void with a two-fisted gesture of exaltation.* A short science fiction story of escape from a dystopian future by Alistair Ainscott..


Traditionally Published Stories

Piss Match – in Penumbra Vol. 1 Issue 4 from Musa Publishing

A high-tech urinal, a pointless workplace confrontation– what could  possibly go wrong?


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