I am a writer of fiction and other strange unclassifiable texts.

In the coming months and years an eerie new landscape– an unnamed land arisen anew from the long-lost depths of a vast mental ocean– will erupt here and cut its black rock into the surf and come to host its own unique ecosystem of science gone haywire, men gone mad, oddballs gone even odder, twin toddlers run amok, cats doing the things that cats are given to do, and other nefarious goings-on of the mysterious and the unknown.

I’ll comment from time to time about the science and technology of reading and writing, from e-readers to electronic publishing to the devices and software and creepy new sensors emerging from the boiling froth of this new and unfathomed continent that we find ourselves standing upon.

In my “day job” I’m a technologist with a Ph.D. in computer science so I am in a perhaps unique position to see some of the changes taking place in reading and writing, publishing and consumption of content, that leave us all mouths agape with the changes taking place in the publishing industry writ large.

Alistair Ainscott is my pen name, of course, and I’ll reveal my real name at some point. Just not quite yet. Most of what I’ve written is currently resting on the desk of one professional editor or another, but I do have a few short stories available electronically on all the major platforms.

I’ll also announce here the small victories and defeats, the steps along my journey of discovery of this new continent, in the hopes that what I discover may be of use or interest to others.

Welcome to the Land of Ainscott.


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