Short Story: Assailing the Void (Flash Fiction)

Assailing the Void, a 930-word short-short (flash) science fiction story, is now available for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords:

Cover - Assailing the Void - 200x300What lies beyond the labyrinthine confines of the city?

Georg Ventman knows only the dim, cramped world within the megacity of a dark future. He needs to stretch. He needs to break free. He needs to assail the void with a two-fisted gesture of exaltation.

A short science fiction story of escape from a dystopian future by Alistair Ainscott.


“Assailing the Void” Copyright © 2011 Alistair Ainscott, Published by Rapid-Dynamix Publishing

Cover illustration © Kydriashka |


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