Novel: The Flies Dropped Dead

The Flies Dropped Dead, a 32,000-word short novel of dark science fiction, is now available for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords:

Cover - Flies Dropped Dead 300x200A mysterious death, a constellation of dead flies.

Can Jonathan Canny find redemption at the bottom of a multiplying black abyss of science gone wrong?

Jonathan Canny is a workaday morgue staffer who thinks he’s seen it all until he discovers dead flies scattered around the body of a gorgeous woman. Canny turns to Lila, his ex-girlfriend, to seek some answers, but what they uncover engulfs the entire morgue in a creeping webwork of darkness, culminating in one man’s desperate struggle for redemption– even if is far too late for his beloved Lila.

A novel of dark science fiction by Alistair Ainscott.

“The Flies Dropped Dead” Copyright © 2012 Alistair Ainscott, Published by Rapid-Dynamix Publishing

Cover illustration © Rolffimages |



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