Short Story #34 Mailed

Okay, I’m officially on a roll.  Short Story #34 (roughly 2,000 words) of my 2011 Short Story Challenge is out the door.  To be honest I had some misgivings about this story, and when I finished it I considered just filing it in my __CRIMES_AGAINST_LITERATURE folder. But this morning I took another look at it and decided it wasn’t so bad, and mailed it out after a light editing pass. The thing was done, so why trash it? I just write ’em, I’ll let the editors decide if what I’ve written is any good or not. Having it out the door also clears mental baggage, I find, and removes the temptation to edit or revise the story more to “fix” it.

That’s two stories done this week, and race score now at 28.

Can I go for three? Well, maybe, if it’s one more short one, or editing the 5,000 worder that has passed first draft and is just sitting there on my hard drive collecting dust. With that one, there are just some scenes that are too thin or missing altogether, so it’s more a matter of cycling through and adding than of wholesale revision, so I feel comfortable revisiting it.

Only six stories to go to hit 40 for this year, or sixteen more for the stretch goal of 50. It feels more and more doable by the day.



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2 responses to “Short Story #34 Mailed

  1. Yep. I’ve been using the “Create. Share. Repeat.” mantra. Either stories go out to editors (usually first) or online as e-books.

    • Alistair

      Thanks for stopping by Ryan. I like your mantra. I will have to make a poster out of that, right next to the “DARE TO BE BAD” one that I made based on Dean’s old mantra. I put it in great big letters, Trade Gothic Bold font, so it looks pretty badass.

      I’m 2,000 words into the next one now and I can hardly even remember what that last storywas about any more 🙂

      That REPEAT part is really important to keep in mind.

      I’m really looking forward to doing more e-pub but figure I’m best served for now by keeping stories in the short story markets.

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