Short Story #33 Mailed

Yep, finished Short Story #33 of my 2011 Short Story Challenge over the weekend and mailed it to a professional market. The story ended up right around 1,000 words; I’d planned to write something longer, but the story idea resolved itself nicely in a short space so I just went with it.

That leaves me with just 7 stories to go to meet my 2011 goal of 40 stories mailed, and I already have two more first drafts done (the short novel of ~31,000 words and a 5,000-worder), just waiting in the wings to polish off, so I’m sure that I’ll make it quite comfortably.

Is my stretch goal of 50 stories still possible? 17 more stories done in 8 weeks would be tough, but not out of the question. I think it’s doable especially if I continue to do a lot of flash pieces. Also, I started off pretty slow on this challenge and most of the stories have been written in the last 8 months or so. So I think I can do it.

And this week looks good for a two-story week, so we’ll see just how far I can push this thing.



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2 responses to “Short Story #33 Mailed

  1. That is awesome! Keep going.

    P.S. There is a market for short stories?

    • Ken

      Hey, thanks.

      Not sure if you are tongue-in-cheek about short story markets or not, but yes, there are HUNDREDS of professional paying short fiction markets (meaning they pay .05/word or more). I have a huge spreadsheet of them all, and keep finding more all the time.

      The key is to have the courage to just keep mailing ’em — never reject your own stories for the editors — and be creative about you send stuff.

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