Short Story #30 Mailed

I sent short story #30 of my 2011 short story challenge, another bit of flash fiction this time, off into the electronic void a couple days ago. I’ve been writing alot of these short-short / flash fiction pieces lately, and at some point soon here I’m going to start running out of pro-paying markets to mail them off to.

But I’ve been having great fun with them, and it’s been a nice counterbalance while I work to complete the novella that I have pounding away on. I wrote 3,600 new words on the novella this week and I’m close to having that elusive end-to-end first draft completed. Then I will go back and layer in a few things here and there to properly set up and motivate the plot twists and character development and so forth that come later in the short novel.

Two more rejections since my last post, and three pieces sent out, so my short-story race score now stands at 24.

I want to e-publish some more short stories, collections of flash fiction pieces, and of course the short novel before the holiday season to see if I can pick up a few sales from all the new e-readers coming onto the market. But, I also need to balance that with my main goal right now of making some professional sales to the short fiction markets, which will help to get my name out there and give me better fiction credits for my cover letters.

We’re in the wild, wild west of reading, writing and publishing these days and there’s heady times a-coming. All I need to do is hold on tight and just keep writing no matter what, and the rest will follow.


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