Short Story #29 Mailed

I just mailed off story #29 of my 2011 short story challenge to a professional market. That brings my race score up to 23 (all short story submissions to professional-paying markets). As I write more it’s getting harder to place them since I usually already have a story under consideration at “the usual suspects.” But that also forces me to stretch my boundaries, find new markets, and send things to places that I might not have considered before. These are all good things (grin).

Only two rejections in the mail this week, so a good week on that front.

Unfortunately, however, I failed to finish my work-in-progress last week for the Sept. 30th Writers of the Future deadline. Got about 4,000 words done on it but with sick kids and work demands there were just not enough hours in the week to get it finished. And the story I had set up stubbornly refused to resolve itself without throwing a lot more word count at it. So I’ll keep plowing forward with it and have something ready well before the deadline for the next quarter. I’m guessing it will end up as an 8-10,000 worder.

I returned my attention to the short novel over the weekend. That has now topped 24,000 words and probably only needs another 2000 words to finish off the first draft. I also need to cycle back and layer in a couple more things, seed some plot developments earlier and the like, but it’s getting close. I’ll be moving that one direct to e-pub when I have it finished as at that length I’ve now outstripped the short fiction markets.

So, eleven stories to go to hit my original goal of 40 short stories written this year. More and more I want to shoot for 50 stories instead to really push myself and see how much product I can churn out this year. My pace has been increasing as well, with about 18,000 words written in September.

Focusing on just making sure I get 500 words written every day– even if it’s just a fragment of something that I whip up on the iPad before I fall asleep– has been a really good strategy for me.

Oh, and I pre-ordered a nice little goodie for myself from Amazon, too, apparently along with just about everyone else in the known universe who has $199 burning a hole in their pocket. Should be fun and hopefully a good holiday season for indie publishers everywhere 🙂



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2 responses to “Short Story #29 Mailed

  1. Wow, I’m in awe of your short story prowess! Way to go on those goals!

    • Alistair

      Thanks, eritta, I appreciate the words of encouragement. Although to be honest at times it feels like I’m running uphill on a blank slab of rock greased with Crisco, and, of course, rejection slips. But I keep those legs pumping no matter what 🙂

      As long as I keep new words pouring into the word processor and I don’t waste my time doing stupid things like rewriting pieces to death (this is the hardest myth of writing for me to overcome because I have spent so much of my professional career churning out nonfiction which has always had to be extensively revised) then I find I keep making good progress. And some of these stories I’m cranking out have gotten close to selling, so I’m excited to keep at it and see how far I can go.

      Happy writing to you!

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