Short Story #27 Mailed

I finished off a story during my lunch break and mailed it off to notch Story #27 of my 2011 Short Story Challenge.

It was a story I started over the weekend on my iPad. I was really tired over the weekend and didn’t do much writing other than that, and I didn’t even crack open the laptop to work on the short novel. But I think it’s pretty cool how the iPad has become a shim for me that I can wedge in against the oh-my-goodness-I-just-need-to-be-horizontal fatigue that sets in late at night sometimes. I just grab the iPad and type my 500 words and then go to sleep.

And heck, some completed stories are coming from that– and one of those even looks like it might sell– so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Since my last post, I recieved one rejection back on a story that had been out forever, and received news that one of my iPad-written stories is being held for further consideration– on the first time I mailed it out no less– so there’s a potential professional sale brewing there. It was also one of those stories that I initially thought might be destined for my “Crimes Against Literature” folder, so once again, what do I know. I just write ’em and have fun with it.

My story for this week might have an even more ridiculous premise than the one I whipped up last week, but I think it’s a fun story nonetheless. Should be entertaining to see what happens with it, and I won’t be letting the cat out of sight, just in case…

There’s about 15 weeks left in the year to write 13 stories to reach my 40-story goal, which seems pretty doable (even with a missed week here or there) given my recent pace. And if I do a bunch more shorts, another 23 stories to reach my stretch goal of 50 stories in one year is not yet impossible, but unlikely if I continue to write a bunch of longer stories as well (like the in-progress short novel…).


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