Short Story #26 Mailed

I’ve been busy, both as a writer and in my high-technology professional life, since I last wrote here about my 2011 Short Story Challenge.

I completed short story #26 of my challenge a few days ago and mailed it. The whole premise of this story is so ludicrous that I almost can’t believe I went through with it, but who knows, it could end up being a really fun one, or maybe it will come back from editors with hate mail and threats of bodily harm. Hard to know– I’m just the writer.

So this might be one of those stories destined for the “Crimes Against Literature” folder on my writing computer (yes, I actually have a folder there with that exact name). But I mailed it anyway. I’ll leave it to the professional editors to tell me what I wrote and whether it’s any good or not.

On the publication front I received 7 rejections back from professional markets since the end of August and mailed out 12 submissions. That pushed my race score up over 20 for the first time and I feel like I’m just gaining steam here, so it will only be going higher as I write more and get more stuff out in the mail.

I also received my first sale from Kindle’s UK store, on Trinity of the Sands, so I can add another 26p to my treasury of short fiction. So, a shout of thanks across The Great Pond to whoever you are.

I had a pretty productive writing week this week, with almost 6000 words written in the 5 days where I was able to find some time to write. I’ve been trying to concentrate on writing 500 words a day, even if I’m feeling super tired, and that’s been working for me, although on one night I must admit that I fell asleep while getting my kids to bed and got nothing written. But on the days I did write that determination to write just 500 words, which seems so tantalizingly simple, often got me going and steaming well past that mark.

The thing I find I have to guard against is binge writing, where I stay up way too late and try to write thousands of words in one evening. I just end up burning myself out that way and get fewer words written in a week when I do that. Plus, I have to save some energy and brainpower for my professional work.

I’ve been concentrating most of my effort on the short novel, which has now steamed past 21,000 words and is getting close to completion. I have the ending already written and just need to fill in 2-3 scenes to complete the narrative arc, which I imagine will add up to somewhere around 2-4,000 more words. I also need to cycle back and weave in a few details and foreshadowing in the opening and a couple other earlier scenes, so a bit of effort yet to go, but I’ll get there soon. I may go just direct to e-publishing this one given its length. and to get some hands-on experience with e-publishing and print-on-demand for longer works.

I also have a professional deadline, a long weekend away, and then the deadline for the next quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest looming, so things will stay very, very busy for me through the end of the month.


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