Short Story: The Thriller Writer’s Workshop

The Thriller Writer’s Workshop, a 3,450 word tale of mystery and psychological suspense, is now available for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords:

The Thriller Writer's Workshop by Alistair Ainscott

Hotshot faculty member and amateur writer Martin Sanderson attends a Thriller Writer’s Workshop at the ragged edge of the world on the Oregon Coast and finds that he’s in way, way over his head. But Sanderson has a thriller of his own to write and intends to show these so-called professionals just why he belongs right there in that chair with the rest of them.

“The Thriller Writer’s Workshop” Copyright © 2011 Alistair Ainscott, Published by Rapid-Dynamix Publishing

Cover illustration © Rolffimages |

The Writing of The Thriller Writer’s Workshop

After I corresponded with Dean Wesley Smith about the 2011 Short Story Workshop and he invited me to participate, I was struck by a sudden irrational fear that it would be a total disaster and that I would completely embarass myself. Now you have to understand that many of the students attending these workshops are early-career professional writers who are well ahead of me in terms of publication credits and accomplishments in the world of fiction.

So, I bottled up those fears and tried to imagine the worst possible way it could turn out for a fictional character that I put in a similar situation. And this story was the result.

Now of course, the actual workshop was nothing like what’s portrayed here and both Kris and Dean were most gracious hosts, although Dean did get a little gruff when too many fake details snuck into the settings for one of our class excercises now that I think about it…

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the story.

The Thriller Writer's Workshop by Alistair Ainscott The Thriller Writer’s Workshop: How far will a man go to prove he belongs?

A mystery story by Alistair Ainscott.

The Thriller Writer’s Workshop available now on Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords.

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