Short Stories #22,23,24,25 Finished

I really enjoyed the short-short story I wrote for Story #21 last week, and I only had a smattering of small fragments of writing time this weekend, so I made the most of them and wrote four more shorts over the weekend, ranging from about 250-1000 words each, totalling almost 3,000 new words of fiction.

Two of them I’ve mailed out already to professional markets and the other two I’ll send out shortly.

But that’s four new short stories in three evenings. Not bad a bad jolt of progress if I am going to make this 40 short story (50 stretch goal) ambition of mine for the calendar year 2011.

Believe it or not, I wrote three of them entirely on my iPad and the other one (the shortest of the bunch) on my smartphone. I never expected to do much writing on the iPad when I first got it, but I’ve found it’s a great tool to allow me to write at times and locations where I would otherwise just be twiddling my thumbs. So I no longer laugh when people joke that the iPad is great but you’d never want to write a novel on it. I may go ahead and write a novel on it just to show it can be done.

I have only written a handful of shorts for my challenge so far this year so I don’t have all the markets for them figured out yet, nor have I decided how I will handle them when the time comes to e-publish them. I am thinking I will bundle three-to-five of them together, depending on word count, and sell them as themed flash fiction collections for 0.99. Or I may put a couple of them up individually for free. Or I may include them to round out 5-packs of short stories with longer word counts.

Not sure yet, but that’s the first week of this challenge with four stories finished in one week.

So, great progress and I expect to have some more time soon to hopefully complete the short novel that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now.

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