Short Story #21 Mailed

Well, things have been busy for me but I’ve been pounding away as often as I can on the science fiction mystery that  I mentioned in my Short Story #20 Mailed post. But that story has ballooned to 12,700 words and is headed into short novel territory so I have not yet finished it.

But I really wanted to have a new story out in the mail this week.

So I wrote a short-short for a well-paying professional market that I know needs short-shorts and mailed it off. Took me about an hour to write.

We’ll see if they like it or not, and the good news is that even if they reject it there are lots of other markets where I could send this one.

I am going to have to write some more of these if I am going to make my 40 (or stretch 50-story) goal for this year. My last couple of stories have gone long and since I usually can only find 3-4 nights a week with time for writing, it’s been tough to finish them as quickly as I would like.

On the other hand, writing some longer pieces has been good practice for me as well. In my latest longer piece I am practicing my hooks and cliffhangers and having a great time with it. Still not a clue how it will end yet (grin), but it’s been a fun one to write so far. I’ll post a note here when I get it finished, hopefully next week.

In the mean time I may crank out a few more shorts because boy was that short one fun to throw together in an hour.


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