Week in the Life #2: My First $1.66 as a Professional Writer

Well, this was a fun week for me.

First off, I only received one rejection in the mail this week. And it was a rather encouraging personal rejection from ChiZine (a pro-paying market for dark fiction) on a short-short story I sent them about a month ago. The editors liked it but it wasn’t quite “dark” enough to suit the aesthetic of that particular magazine. I’ve already sent it on to my next market (but it’s a really tough one, so low expectations there even though I think the story is a solid one).

I wasn’t able to finish my work-in-progress and mail it out this week. I thought I might be able to finish it Thursday night but I got too tired and actualy ended up falling asleep for a couple hours while getting my kids to bed, so bye-bye writing time for that night. It’s up to 4,400 words and will probably need another 2-3,000 words to wrap up, but I have to admit that part of me hopes it goes longer and it gets into novella territory so that I can e-pub it sooner (grin). I like how the story is turning out so far, although the writing on it has been going a little slow (I’m probably averaging only 500 words an hour or so while writing this one).

I also finally figured out Smashwords and Pubit so my current catalog of stories is available on all the major platforms now. They’ll soon be available in the Apple, Kobo, and other stores through the Smashwords extended distribution system as well.

Here’s where you can find Alistair Ainscott’s author pages:

Trinity of the Sands received a rather complimentary four-star review from a Mr. J. Adams shortly after I posted the story. Thank you, Mr. Adams, for buying the story and even more so for your time to post a thoughtful review.

I’ve already sold four copies of Trinity of the Sands in the two weeks it’s been up on Kindle (and just one week on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords).

None of those are purchases by anyone I know.

Althought that number sounds small, it’s actually great for a single 99-cent short story. I also keep reminding myself that I’m just getting started at this (an as-yet unknown author with very few stories available).

Those four sales suggest that story should average around 10 sales a month (across all channels).

If I net an average of $0.40 per sale, thats $4.00 per month. $48.00 per year. $240.00 if I leave it up for five years.

And that’s assuming that the audience of people with e-readers remains flat (it’s exploding).

And that I don’t include the story in 5- and 10-story collections down the road here.

And that additional sales channels across the world don’t continue to open up to my electronic publishing efforts.

And that I do nothing else (I will have many more stories up before too long, and they will keep improving because I am continuing to learn this craft and rapidly getting better and better at it).

So if I can keep writing and keep telling stories at that level or better, then those onesies and twosies in the Kindle sales report are going to add up quite nicely in the long term.

In the meantime, my first $1.66 earned as a professional writer & indie publisher will do me just fine to cover the postage on the next short story manuscript that I mail out.



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