Short Story #20 Mailed

Well, story #20 of my personal short story challenge– a straightforward science fiction piece, about 3400 words–  is done and in the mail.

I feel like I cheated a little bit this week because I didn’t get a lot of new words written, but I instead finished off one of those almost-done stories that had been languishing for a while. On the other hand, I did get some new words written and I have good starts on a number of stories. So, hopefully, some weeks with two stories out and in the mail are coming up here soon if I am going to make this challenge (40 stories, 50 stories stretch goal!)

I had to adopt Dean Wesley Smith’s slogan and whispered under my breath “Dare to Be Bad” as I clicked the submit button on the electronic submission. There are some questions that I know are left unanswered in the resolution of this particular story.

I actually came up with (most of) those answers and started redrafting the story but I quickly realized this was going to become a completely different story. And there are still some things about the other story I did like. It has a nice lush setting, there is a nice action/adventure feel to it, and the ending is kind of funny.

So instead of messing with it more I decided to mail it and move on. I find that getting a story out of my hair is a good way to clear mental energy to focus on new efforts.

So, on to the next one, which looks right now like it will be a science fiction mystery. I’ve already got 1,750 words finished on that one.


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