Short Story #19 Mailed

I’ve set myself a challenge to write 40 short stories this year.

I finished short story #19 and mailed it a few days back. It’s a piece that falls right about at the three way intersection of science fiction, fantasy, and psychological horror. About 6,000 words.

That leaves me with 21 to go. I’m currently on a pace to write about 34 stories so I’ll have to pick it up a little bit, or maybe if I can get some weeks with two stories finished and mailed, I have an outside chance at hitting my stretch goal of 50 short stories written this year.

I’m currently working on getting my first e-pubbed stories up. More on that soon.



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6 responses to “Short Story #19 Mailed

  1. Congradulations! Mail ’em out too. Before you know it, you’ll have a published collection…

  2. Alistair

    Thanks for the note of encouragement. I always mail the stories out to top professional markets first, no matter how good or how bad I think the story is. I will let professional editors decide how good the story is, and later readers when I e-pub them.

    And I will eventually put those up as collections when I have enough. Heck, I will probably write a few to round out 5- and 10- story packs and maybe go straight to e-pub for a few of them. Just learning and having fun and I know a few good stories will happen along the way.

    I like Stephen King’s metaphor for writing short stories: it’s like digging up a fossil and your job is to get as much of the fossil out of the ground intact as possible. Now granted there’s some days where I feel like I’m just digging up fossilized turds with a jackhammer, but at least I’m digging.

  3. When you get some of your stories onto the internet, or if they’re already there, I’d like to know so that I could read one or two. I’ve been a student of the short story for years and can’t get enough of them.

    If you have the time and inclination, here’s one of my better ones:

    Take care.

    • Ken

      I’ll have a post up shortly as my first short stories appear on Kindle. But since you were so kind to ask, here’s a special sneak preview link to the first one, which is live already:

      Any feedback on the cover or the story description would be welcome.

      • The cover is gorgeous. The blurb is fetching. The book looks worth reading. I’m kinda awe-struck…

      • Alistair

        Thanks, much appreciated! I can only hope now that story lives up to it; I may be better at designing covers than I am at writing stories at this point (grin). But I do like that story. That one is about 6000 words or roughly 25 manuscript pages.

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