Personalized Rejection from Asimov’s

I sent a short story off to Asimov’s a couple months back and to be honest I could barely bring myself to click the submit button on the electronic form. It’s a bit of an oddball story that falls somewhere into the cracks between mainstream and fantasy with a very slight science fictional element so I couldn’t imagine that Ms. Williams at Asimov’s would have any serious interest in it.

I don’t even think I would have bothered to send it if one of the bits of advice on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog hadn’t been echoing in the back of my brain: Never reject your own work. When in doubt, send it off to the editor and let her decide. (I’m paraphrasing Dean’s advice here, but that’s the gist of it).

I saw the email arrive from in my inbox on my smartphone last night and I figured here it is, another form rejection, but no! The story is “moving and well done” but just not a fit for the magazine.

It’s another e-slip for the rejection pile, but given this is only the third personalized rejection I’ve ever gotten, and the first from a major magazine, I’ll take it.

And send the story on to the next market… Hmmm, now where do I sent this oddball?


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